How hypnotherapy can change your life, using visualisation!

    How Hypnotherapy and Visualization Can Change Your Life

    What do some of the most successful people in the world have in common?

    From athletes to politicians, actors to entrepreneurs, they all leverage certain assets that seem out of reach for most of us. While we’re all built the same, it’s the use of their mental skills that makes a huge difference. But is it truly possible that only successful people can access them?

    Below, we unmask what’s behind the wild success some people experience. Combining the power of hypnotherapy with the power of visualization is an incredible stepping stone to changing your life, and the results speak for themselves.

    Hypnosis and Day-to-Day Living

    For most of the population, hypnosis is a general state of mind - only that most people don’t define it this way. While in this state, we focus on a specific element or activity and become completely engrossed in it. 

    For example, when you drive from A to B, you are fully immersed in that activity. When you reach your destination, you realize you can’t name a single significant element of your journey. And this is what we typically call an autopilot experience. You’re part of it but only moderately witness the whole picture. You’re unaware of stimuli, colors, noises, or other components. You go from A to B, lost in the depth of your thoughts. This proves that hypnosis is more present in our day-to-day living than we realize.

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    The same happens when watching a captivating movie or reading a fascinating book. You are so absorbed that if someone calls your name, you don’t reply. Not because you deliberately ignore them but because you are highly engaged in that activity, everything else temporarily loses its importance. When you finally leave that dreamy state and react to the outside world. It’s like waking up after a nap.

    Sometimes, when we try to focus on one thought, our minds may jump to a completely different area. This usually happens because the subconscious realm has allowed us to journey through randomness in our minds. In this case, it’s a misuse of our time because that energy is not directed to achieving a constructive outcome.

    Daydreaming is Not a Waste of Time

    Most of us spend a considerable part of our lives immersed in a dreamy state.

    Daydreaming almost always surges naturally. It’s an efficient use of our mental skills. We can finally activate dormant goals that need to be rekindled. While we’re still wide awake, our mind travels to the land of unhindered imagination. We can tap into different states and mentally portray outcomes that serve us.

    However, until recently, daydreaming had a negative connotation. It was seen as non-doing, becoming the antagonist of today’s society where everything is about doing and spreading ourselves thin as we’re so busy. Daydreaming is not a waste of time. It’s actually a positive experience because it moves our attention from external stimuli and points our attention inwards. Daydreaming implies allowing the conscious mind to sleep while the subconscious mind takes over. It enables us to grasp ideas or experiences that seem far-fetched or implausible. When we daydream, there are no barriers. Those moments allow us to take full part in vivid experiences. 

    Daydreaming is a healthy state where the brain approves of an idea and relaxes. When we daydream, we don’t try to rationalize our actions. We don’t look for evidence that our vision can become real. We don’t find reasons or excuses for it not to happen. We don’t sit up and leave, eventually overwhelmed with frustration. We don’t question the accuracy of the events we project. We allow ourselves to witness the event as if it is happening in real-time because, in our minds, the representation is real. 

    Leveraging the Subconscious Mind

    The conscious mind works in real-time. It’s the critical mind that’s analytical and data-driven. It controls all the information we take from the subconscious mind - the words we say, the answers to questions, and so on.

    On the other hand, the subconscious mind is like a giant filing cabinet. It’s filled with memories and experiences and all the events of our life. Because it monitors the information around us, it determines what pieces go to the conscious mind so we can easily access them and also what gets stored later.

    However, the power of the subconscious mind goes beyond daydreaming. If daydreaming is good, using the subconscious mind to project is even more efficient. To make the best of the subconscious realm, focus on the things that will change your life. When you use your subconscious mind like this, you are actually visualizing. You can achieve life-changing results when you shift your focus and attention to what matters to you. The best thing about it? You don’t need a lot of time to do so. All you should do is leverage the power of your subconscious mind.

    Visualization Can Open Numerous Doors

    Visualization is a game changer for both your past and future. When you visualize, you can go back to the past to correct it and catapult yourself into the future to create exciting results.

    If you carry burdens from the past, from events or people who’ve wronged you, chances are you will transport them into your future. And this would be unfair to your future, which hasn’t happened yet and holds the promise of victory intact. 

    You can use visualization to reframe your past. If you are bruised, chances are the event is still playing on your mind. Reliving that moment in your mind, you can reframe your past and give it a less painful yet relevant meaning. Because this time, you relive it as you wish it would have happened in the first place.


    Creating new emotions related to the event alters how you feel at that moment. Now, you have a unique emotional connotation to attach to it. And by doing so, you minimize the importance you gave to those events to the point where the new emotional signature you create takes over and replaces the negativity with positivity. You remove all the fear, sadness, or negative emotion from that memory, and you get a predominant sense that you are now in control, at ease, and relaxed.  visualization


    The same principle applies to events that haven’t happened yet. The subconscious can undo negativity and replace it with positivity, helping you avoid rejection. And so, whenever you think of an event in the future, you feel entirely different about it. And that’s the power of visualization - it can neutralize feelings.

    Visualization can open numerous doors. It can help you prepare in advance so that when the actual moment comes, it feels natural because you have already rehearsed it. Think of a date, an interview, a test, or a speech - anything that might intimidate you and throw you off track.

    A Successful Duo - Hypnotherapy and Visualization

    Visualization played a crucial role in my career. I used to rehearse being on stage mentally - without ever being on a stage. I visualized the perfect outcome for me. I even had a script I went through incessantly until that reality became real in my mind. It was a perfect simulation of what I wanted to happen. Not surprisingly, months later, when I had my first experience with public speaking, it felt natural and easy, and I felt relaxed. Nothing could hold me back.

    Hypnotherapy works incredibly well using repetitions, positive affirmations, visualizations, and a focused imagination. Because to enter a hypnotic state, focus is a must. You are always awake while the nervous system is taking a break to rest. This state is crucial in terms of the success of hypnotherapy. Imagine trying to receive positive suggestions while your mind is widely awake. Instead, it jumps from one thought to another. When you're hypnotized, your mind finds it difficult to wander. The message the body gets is that it's safe to relax and let go. There's no urgent place you need to get to, nothing on your to-do list that can't wait. You are completely submerged in relaxation, and your mind is ready to accept new, positive suggestions.

    In fact, neuroimaging research has demonstrated that during hypnosis, the same parts of the brain are activated as when the person has that experience in real life. In other words, the brain can't distinguish between imagination and reality. This is excellent news because we can now fully leverage the benefits of hypnosis. You can retrain your mind to go in the direction that's beneficial for you by taking advantage of the successful duo made by hypnotherapy and visualization.

    The subconscious mind works to our advantage and is here to help us. But we are the ones who must direct it. Just like a ship traveling the sea, we must steer the wheel in the right direction. Otherwise, we won't reach a constructive destination.

    When we take charge of how we feel, we minimize triggers and open the doors to new, exciting things.

    Change Your Life Easily and Quickly

    Combining hypnotherapy and visualization is a game-changer. It can correct past events, fill the present with peace, and help build an inspiring future. 

    My decade-plus of experience as a hypnotherapist has provided life-changing results. Thousands of people have improved their lives by leveraging the power of hypnotherapy and visualization. And I’m confident you’ll improve yours, too. The Upgrade Your Life Bundle brings together the main areas of your life that need revamping to create a more positive, abundant, and goal-driven life.

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    Do you believe that visualization can create exciting results in your life?


    I’ve made it my life’s mission to make peace of mind and the ability to reach your potential available to everyone
    - and that includes you!


    Here’s to true freedom, happiness and health! - Jamie Clarke

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