What is Hypnotherapy?

    Hypnosis means entering a safe, focused mood, similar to a trance-like state. While from the outside, it may seem like you’re in a dreamy frame of mind, in reality, you’re in a hyper-aware state.

    We experience hypnotic states more often than we think: watching a captivating movie, reading a thrilling book, or even driving. The mind becomes immersed in a linear activity that it integrates automatically.

    There is a significant difference between involuntarily finding ourselves in hypnotic states and practicing hypnosis voluntarily. The first focuses on getting the job done, while the latter offers the possibility to absorb and respond to positive suggestions.

    The reason why being in a trance state is so important is that it changes your brain waves. First, you go from Beta (14-40Hz) to Alpha (7.5-14 Hz). Beta is the normal conscious state we all experience. On the other hand, Alpha is the state we want to achieve as it’s the gateway to the subconscious mind. It’s the ideal state to heighten focus and prime the mind for success. Next is arriving at Theta (4-7.5Hz), which facilitates the connection to the subconscious, allowing you to focus your attention inwards.

    The realm between Alpha and Theta is where all the magic happens. It’s a very constructive state, where you are open to suggestions that reprogram beliefs, visualize positive scenarios and break the glass ceiling. New neural pathways are created, which support positive beliefs and habits.

    What if I fall asleep during the Hypnosis Audio?

    The audio will help you tap into deep relaxation, loosen your muscles and lower your heartbeat.

    However, your capacity to hear or respond will remain intact—you can break out of the state any moment you wish.

    Even if you’re experiencing a deep relaxation state, you’re also aware of your surroundings, and at any time, you can open your eyes and become fully awake.

    If you do happen to fall asleep, don’t worry! Your subconscious mind is still listening to, and absorbing the suggestions.

    Will I be out of control?

    While there are some controversies about hypnosis, they only exist because of the misleading use of hypnosis in the media. Let’s set the record straight: hypnotherapy is not a form of entertainment.

    Also, hypnotherapy has nothing to do with brainwashing or mind controlling. It is definitely not about inducing abnormal behaviours or making you lose control in any way.

    Hypnotherapy is a safe procedure designed to bring positive changes to your life, not the opposite.

    How long will it take for me to notice a change?

    Just like a muscle needs toning, your mind needs positive reinforcements.

    Our unique ARM formula stands for Accelerated Results Method. It’s based on compressing the timeframe needed to achieve results. From the very first session, you can feel a significant change in your mindset and physiology.

    We know the results may vary from person to person because each individual is different, so be kind and patient to yourself—the internal shifts are happening!

    How can I play the audios I've purchased?

    Your audio will be delivered via our Learning Management System. After purchasing, you will receive login details to access the platform. You can access the audio from your smartphone, tablet, or computer device. The use of headphones is recommended.

    How do I reset my password?

    Resetting your password is easy. Simply click the forgotten password link when trying to log in, and you will be asked for your email address. We will email you the instructions to reset your password.

    What is the science behind Hypnotherapy?

    Our brain operates like a sponge. It’s constantly bombarded with information— around 70,000 stimuli per day. The human consciousness oscillates between the conscious mind and the subconscious. They both perform differently.

    The conscious mind is the one you’re most familiar with. It is quite limited in terms of capacity and includes all of the things you’re currently thinking about.

    The subconscious mind works as a data bank and stocks our beliefs. It’s there where 95% of our mental activity takes place. It keeps storing information on autopilot, creating programs and patterns to support our decision-making process.

    Our brain works like a learning machine. Every time we create a new memory or try something new, it produces new chains of neurons. This helps increase the number of synapses between your neurons, making their communication and activity more efficient.

    Taking the same neural route strengthens the neural circuits to the point where they become habits. This is an exceptional quality human beings possess, called neuroplasticity.

    Neuroplasticity is our brain cells’ capacity to change in response to our behavior. It proves just how malleable our brains are when we pursue a more remarkable outcome in our lives. The habits we produce can either reward us or punish us. The more coherent our brains, the more positive the patterns we create.

    The subconscious mind can’t make the difference between what’s real and what’s unreal. Any thought that lands in your subconscious gets stored without being second-guessed.

    From a hypnosis standpoint, this is excellent news. It means that we can empty our minds of negative thoughts, regenerate favorable beliefs, and consolidate positive behaviors with the proper suggestions—the neurons will adapt their activity based on the new situation.

    The use of hypnotherapy can harmonize the relationship between mind, body, and emotions. Regardless of the age of someone and how long they’ve been involved in a harmful activity, the brain possesses the extraordinary ability to change.

    In a relaxed, quiet environment, the subconscious can accept life-changing suggestions. During hypnosis, relaxation can lead to a decrease in the fight or flight center. This will activate a neural response in your brain and produce serotonin. As the cortisol levels diminish, your brain will fabricate high-quality emotions that will lead to empowering habits.

    Hypnosis helps synchronize the conscious and subconscious realms. The power to create new circuits in our brains is often overlooked, but when addressed through hypnosis, it will create an entire set of recalibrated emotions that will support better habits and create a more fulfilled life.