Hi, I’m Jamie

    I was inspired to create New Mindset Hypnotherapy after going through some very testing times in my life.

    You see, years ago, I struggled with severe anxiety as I struggled to cope with a number of adverse life events.

    My twelve-year relationship with the love of my life ended suddenly, hitting me really hard.

    That was followed closely by a number of deaths in my family. The final blow was when my business partner betrayed me, leaving me in financial difficulty.

    My world collapsed.

    With all these burdens weighing heavy on my chest, I fell into the claws of anxiety.

    I worried about everything, and whenever I was faced with an uncomfortable situation, a wave of nervousness, fear, and panic would overwhelm me.

    These feelings would strike me suddenly - often without warning.

    To say anxiety is debilitating is an

    It stopped me from leading a normal life because it meant I was overthinking EVERYTHING. Even the smallest of things became a Herculean struggle - as if I was carrying boulders up a mountain.

    I didn’t realise it at the time, but I catastrophised everything… which meant I always thought of the worst-case scenario.
    It got to the point that simple things such as leaving my house became really difficult.

    During the day, I was exhausted because night after night, I would lie there staring at the ceiling, fraught with worry and intrusive thoughts.

    Worse, my friends didn’t want to be around me because they simply didn’t understand what I was going through or how best to help me. I get it, who wants to be around someone so negative all the time?

    I wanted to feel normal again - but had no idea how…

    Pills, supplements, prescribed drugs, talk therapy - you name it, I tried it.

    It wasn’t until a friend of mine suggested I try hypnotherapy that I FINALLY got the relief I needed. I was no longer living in a sea of despair and negativity and found a new lease of life, ready to take on any challenge and live life to the fullest.

    The experience was so life-changing that I decided to pay it forward and became a hypnotherapist. Combining my experiences as both a therapist and a victim enabled me to deeply understand my clients and help them find relief from this

    In fact, my healing process reminded me of one of my client’s confessions.

    She said that when she finally escaped the dark side of her mind, the ‘new normal’ felt abnormal. She was so used to her pain and feelings of inadequacy, that feeling positive, calm, and relaxed seemed unusual - maybe even too good to be true.

    I’m sure you resonate.

    That’s why I designed my audios to not only guide people through a transformational journey, but to also help them create the mental shift needed to welcome positive change.

    Since then, I’ve helped thousands of people experience freedom from anxiety and many other issues with the help of mind freedom therapy sessions, empowering meditations, and powerful visualization techniques.

    I’ve made it my life’s mission to make peace of mind and the ability to reach your potential available to everyone- and that includes you!

    Here’s to true freedom, happiness and health! - Jamie Clarke