How do people become successful?

    What Traits Do All Successful People Possess?

    You have probably heard this saying many times: “Success doesn’t happen overnight.” If anything, it happens over time, and having some attributes under your belt is mandatory.

    Many need to be aware that the process that leads to success is a marathon, not a sprint. This means that being aware of some key elements is a must. If we don’t pay attention to them, attaining success becomes a matter of haphazardness or, if we’re lucky, a fluke. 

    This article will debunk what it takes to be truly successful. The secret sauce to achieving success contains a series of qualities that, if we possess them, enable us to move mountains. 

    Why Do Most People Fail to Succeed?

    Not everyone is eager to put in the hard work. Success doesn’t just fall into your lap packaged as a beautiful present that all you need to do is unwrap. Most people’s primary fundamental need is the need for certainty. And success defies everything related to certainty. Success is a matter of trial and error, and not having some essential qualities in check can drastically ruin your chances of triumph.

    It’s having a wrong definition of success that keeps people from thriving. Many expect colossal wealth, but success doesn’t always manifest itself this way. An honest understanding of success means overcoming the person you were yesterday and comparing yourself only to yourself. Gauging this week’s progress against last week’s progress is a characteristic of success. Having an internal reference point is instrumental in staying on track and stopping comparing yourself to others.

    It’s one thing to admire someone and find inspiration in their acts. And it’s something completely different to put others on a pedestal and assume they are better than you. When we compare ourselves to others, we become oblivious to opportunities in front of us and often miss the boat.

    The qualities we need to triumph are interconnected and, just like throwing a rock in a lake creates ripples, using these qualities will catapult us onto the path of success. What do all these traits have in common? They all represent an internal decision: to show up for ourselves.

    The Ten Mandatory Qualities

    The most important aspect to understand about success is that achieving it doesn’t imply mastering one quality. The beauty of becoming successful lies in owning these ten qualities and creating a synergy between them so they become a permanent incentive for you to make your dreams a reality.

    1. Clarity

    Clarity is the beginning of everything. Clarity is the North Star that helps you draft your vision, map your path and stick to it. We need an unwavering direction that points which way to go when we’re in the trenches.

    Many times, the lack of clarity becomes an obstacle and prevents people from going after their goals. They confuse the lack of clarity with a lack of resources or good fortune. There’s nothing worse than swimming in confusion when trying to attain success. And when confusion reaches stratospheric heights, action is out of the equation. The path to success becomes no man’s land, and you’re tempted to throw in the towel before even starting.

    If you want your efforts to pay off, you must create a compelling design of what thriving looks like to you. Because when you crystallize your goals, you start noticing things you’d generally dismiss without realizing everything you leave on the table. Make clarity a priority, and your entire perspective will positively change.

    1. Commitment

    Commitment is the second most crucial element of prospering. Commitment refers to being involved and not giving up when things don’t go our way. The fuel makes you get out of bed and roll up your sleeves to achieve your goals. 

    Commitment is what links clarity with action. The bigger picture is clear, and you are making strides toward what makes your heart sing. It helps you to define your non-negotiables and say no to distractions. 

    When you take responsibility for your acts, your level of self-respect increases. It’s a personal choice to stay committed, influencing how you perceive your trajectory. You’re less likely to run away from responsibility when you’ve decided to show up and devote your time and efforts to your cause. It’s not about fighting a lost battle. It’s knowing you’ll win it because of your dedication.

    1. Curiosity

    One attitude we must make sure we encourage to burn brightly is curiosity. Curiosity is what takes responsibility from endeavor to excitement. It incites interest and generates a strong will to discover and learn.

    Not keeping curiosity bottled up enables you to explore the neverending realm of opportunities. To many, uncertainty represents a daunting territory, but the more you dive into it, the less fear you experience. Curiosity is not tied to a particular outcome; it enables you to keep your mind and options open and think outside the box to connect the missing puzzle pieces.

    Curiosity will never allow boredom to settle in. The good thing about keeping curiosity alive is that it always inspires a new paradigm to examine. Discoveries lead to testing your abilities, which ultimately leads to growth.

    1. Self-Discipline

    Self-discipline powers up your ability to focus on what moves the needle. It’s the ability to conquer negative self-talk when the most accessible option is to give up. Sometimes, we may try to convince ourselves to take the easiest route to avoid discomfort. But keeping in mind that self-discipline has only positive effects on your future is a reason strong enough to implement it.

    Self-discipline ignites motivation, even when this is nowhere to be found. It represents the unshakeable decision to stick to what’s relevant to you and ditch excuses. If you get trapped in excuses, you’ll keep convincing yourself that no effort is required on your behalf, and your mind and body will follow suit. When self-discipline is high, we don’t fear obstacles because we understand they are part of the process. This gives us the power to overcome barriers and not be unmotivated by failure.

    1. Courage

    Courage is what sets everything in motion. It allows you to take the first step regardless of how prepared you are. It’s the spark we all need when embarking on a new journey toward success.

    Courage calls in strength, and it’s the antidote to fear. It allows you to overcome obstacles without feeling like a deer in headlights when adversity hits. When courage is by your side, nothing stands in your way.

    Courage also keeps regrets of not taking action at bay because it’s an icebreaker when it comes to moving in the direction of your dreams. It helps if you see courage as the ability to take risks because, without them, our goals remain embryos instead of fully-fledged results. But perhaps the most impressive outcomes tapping into courage provides are self-respect and self-love.  

    1. Passion

    Passion is the heartbeat of success. Passion will keep your hope high because you have the big picture in mind. Passion makes you bulletproof to failure because you’re not in for the results you might obtain. You’re in to experience the ride. 

    passion - successful people success

    Without passion, you won’t get to be successful because passion is the seed that nourishes your progress. Passion also translates into excitement and enthusiasm that keeps you going even when things don’t work out as planned. 

    However, passion may only sometimes show up as a huge wave of desire to conquer the world because the initial fire that gets you to firmly put your foot in the door quickly diminishes with time. And when this happens, that ardent desire will be replaced by care. Consideration for your craft, work, or whatever it is you’re creating. If you lack passion, getting a business mentor will help reignite it. Having passion makes you literate in the language of success. The zest makes you eager to wake up and stay true to your calling.

    1. Confidence

    A lack of confidence typically keeps people on the fence. Confidence and trust go hand in hand. Feeling self-assured enables you to break free from your comfort zone and take firm steps toward your bold goal. This doesn’t only imply believing in yourself but also believing in your vision and trusting the process. Trusting life and that everything works to your advantage is quintessential to achieving victory.

    Confidence keeps your inner dialogue in check when the impostor syndrome strikes. This usually happens when we’re doing something new and fear failure. But this recipe makes you more prone to capitulate in front of adversities. 

    In this case, faking confidence won’t help. It’s about developing the conviction that you can rise to the occasion and prove it to yourself. Confidence should be more of a permanent attitude than a state we access now and then.

    1. Creativity

    Creativity is an area that intimidates most people because they mistake it for talent. But creativity is much more than that. It’s coloring outside the lines, brainstorming, and applying non-linear thinking. It also means riding the wave of intuition, trailing a blaze, and being in tune with your inner power.

    Tapping into your creativity means uncovering your ability to come up with solutions to problems. The more freely you allow your mind to travel, the better answers you’ll discover. Being creative opens many doors for you. Creativity blends imagination with inspiration and originality, allowing you to keep a fresh and hopeful outlook on life. Using your creative resources will help you prioritize the bigger picture and find ways to improve your reality.

    1. Persistence

    Persistence is the driving force behind gaining experience. Sometimes, those who achieve victory are those who lasted in the game long enough. 

    It’s vital to see persistence as a muscle that needs constant toning. You can’t be persistent every now and then. You must practice it until it becomes part of your identity.

    I can - persistence - success


    When persistence becomes a way of being, success might happen when we least expect it. And that’s because we made persistence a habit that feels natural. Persistence allows you to override your perceived weaknesses and persevere. 

    It has a lot to do with delaying instant gratification for the sake of progress. Most people would instead go after the quickest reward than continue the race and trust in the final prize. 

    1. Becoming Uncertainty-Proof

    Handling uncertainty is the hallmark of success. If you’re looking for predictable success, you might be disappointed. Even if you copy a successful person’s footprint, you still don’t have the guarantee that it will work out for you identically. Our originality sets us apart, so our trajectories may vary because of numerous factors.

    But embracing uncertainty will always give you an edge. Even if uncertainty creates calluses, they shape our personality and the way we respond to dealing with the unknown. Instead of fearing it, we can take the plunge and see where it takes us.

    It’s not about applying resistance, over-worrying, and trying to control outcomes. It’s precisely the opposite. It’s flowing with life, knowing you’re doing your best. When you embody all the above qualities, nothing can stand in your way to success.

    The Ultimate Success Hack

    We’re often after the prize instead of the journey that makes us worthy of reward. All the qualities above make the perfect recipe for achieving success.

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    How many of the traits required for achieving success do you embody?


    I’ve made it my life’s mission to make peace of mind and the ability to reach your potential available to everyone
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    Here’s to true freedom, happiness and health! - Jamie Clarke

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