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    The Ultimate 30-Day Anxiety Course

    The Ultimate 30-Day Anxiety Course

    The 30-day Anxiety Challenge is your solution to control your Anxiety!

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    I created this course based on my own ups and downs with anxiety and with over a decade of experience helping my clients get through their hardest times.

    Within this course there are 30 tasks to complete that include all the tools you need to overcome your anxiety. I will teach you how to use these tools in every day life and show you how to break free from anxiety.

    People from all over the World have successfully used this course with amazing results.

    Why you'll love it

    In Just 30 Days, Your Life will Look Like This:

    • No more overthinking
    • No more over worrying
    • No more nervousness
    • Sleeping well
    • Confidence
    • Feeling like you again
    • No more dark cloud feeling above you

    During this 30-day course, I'll guide you through the transformational stages necessary to get over and past anxiety.

    The hypnotherapy audio in this program accesses your subconscious mind, allowing you to eliminate
    debilitating beliefs and behaviors while adopting new ones that support healthy habits.

    How it Works

    What’s Included

    30 daily guided videos to provide continuous support throughout the challenge.

    An interactive workbook
    designed to uncover negative subconscious patterns and empower you to make
    healthy choices.

    Bonus Content – Affirmation
    videos to teach you how to relax and feel less anxious every day

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    Our Clients Success Stories

    • Love my audios, really did the trick. I wanted to lose weight, I was fed up of constantly being on a diet. I still listen to my audios all the time, they keep me from going back into old habits. I eat healthier and I exercise too.


    • Jamie’s calm, soothing voice has helped me to sleep better. I would really recommend these to anyone who struggles with sleeping. I listen to the audios most nights and am so happy with how easy they are to use.


    • I tried the 30 day alcohol challenge, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to stop drinking for a month. Now when I think about drinking, I hear the guys voice. It genuinely works really well. I’ve also tried the sleep one which also worked well for me.


    • Recommend this big time. Very satisfied, great voice and easy to listen to. I’ve used this for sleep, eating and drinking less and I am satisfied with how they work. I recommend this to people.


    • I smoked from a young age. I’ve tried to quitting, patches and everything else, but nothing worked for me. A friend had used New Mindset and recommended it, so thought I’d try. Thanks to the Stop Smoking audio, I’m a non-smoker. It was so easy, I couldn’t believe it.


    • I was very skeptical about this and didn’t think it would work. I was struggling with confidence and quite anxious, for $30 it wasn’t much to lose. I’ve been so impressed with how quickly it has worked and its made a huge difference to my life!


    • I purchased the positivity audio, it’s been massively effective, helped me focus and notice opportunities more. It’s really easy to follow and very effective.


    • I’ve been drinking heavily for years, I’ve had enough of feeling rubbish. I didn’t want to talk to friends and family or ask for help! I was at rock bottom and gave this a go. 3 months in, I’ve cut back how much I drink, I sleep better and I’d say I’m happier.


    • Listening to these sessions with New Mindset Hypnotherapy helped me to feel more calm. The voice of the guy is really soothing. I feel 90% better. I would strongly recommend these to anyone with anxiety or depression.


    • I’ve never been one for exercise or healthy living, I drank too much, probably ate too much. I’m a changed man. I’m running marathons, going to the gym every day and feel pretty good. I’d recommend New Mindset definitely.


    • The social drinking at the weekends, had started to creep into mid week and most days. I enjoy a drink with friends so didn’t want to stop completely, but knew I needed to cut down. These worked so well, I still drink, but not as much. Thanks again.


    • I was going through some tough times and found myself turning to alcohol too often. It took me a long time to realize that something was wrong, but I’ve never looked back. I used the Quit Drinking pack which has helped me keep going back to old habits.


    • I love it! The sessions are so easy to listen to and I never realized how much of a difference they would make. I’ve never been a good sleeper, but since using New Mindset it’s massively improved – very happy!


    • I’ve had weight issues for years, stick to a diet for a few weeks then go back to eating, I felt embarrassed about it. A friend recommended this site, it’s like having someone on hand to tell you no. The voice is inside my head. Can’t believe it works!


    • After years of extreme alcohol consumption, I purchased an audio file to help me, I stopped immediately and have never looked back, is been more than two years now. I also tried the sleep one, can’t review that as I never reached the end haha


    • Before I started Hypnotherapy, I found that I just wanted to spend most of the day indoors and didn’t want to go outside. I know really feel that my anxiety gone and now I have a drive again for life. I feel great.


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