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    Confidence Bundle with Bonus Affirmations

    Upgrade Your Life Bundle

    Upgrade Your Life Bundle

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    Our Best Selling Bundle For Confidence Boosting – Now With 9 Audios!



    • Do you find yourself constantly battling self-doubt and a negative self-image?
    • Does the fear of uncertainty paralyze you?
    • Are you held back by the fear of not being good enough?
    • Do you feel trapped in a poor sense of self-worth?
    • Does the fear of rejection prevent you from exploring numerous opportunities?
    • Do you find yourself fearing the repetition of past mistakes?

    The inability to tap into your confidence makes you miss opportunities and perceive challenges as scarier than they truly are.

    However, when your subconscious mind takes charge, filling you with newfound power, positivity, and confidence in your abilities…

    You will experience a profound truth:

    The capacity to show up confidently was always within you, but fear prevented you from recognizing it.

    Upgrade Your Life is the top bundle for anyone wanting to improve their confidence and self worth. It’s packed full of amazing audios and bonus affirmations to get you feeling confident and positive.

    Why you'll love it

    • Conquer self-sabotage and trust
    • Break free from judgment and
      unlock your true confidence.
    • Embrace self-belief: Rise above
      uncertainty, emerging stronger from every setback.
    • Approach new beginnings with
      enthusiasm and conquer the fear of loss.
    • Build resilience and cultivate
      unwavering strength and adaptability.
    • Take decisive action: Leave past mistakes behind
      and embrace proactive steps toward your goals.

    How it Works

    After you purchase your course, you will receive a few emails from us.
    Please check your junk/spam folder for these emails.

    • Your order confirmation email
    • Create an account email
    • Your access email

    Once you’ve created your account, you can login to our members area and either stream the audio or download it to your computer or mobile device.

    We recommend setting aside approximately 30 minutes daily to go through the videos, audios, and program tasks, ensuring you get the most out of your journey.

    Remember never to listen to hypnotic audios while driving!

    What’s Included

    Our Upgrade Your Life Bundle induces deep relaxation, opening your mind to positive suggestions. This hypnotherapy audio guides you into a state of heightened awareness, where your subconscious mind accepts and embeds new, powerful, and positive beliefs to permanently change habits and behaviors.

    Now including all of the following audios:

    Rockstar Confidence

    Unlimited Abundance

    Freedom From Anxiety

    Powerful Self Image

    Strengthening Boundaries

    Be Your Biggest Fan

    With our favourite bonus affirmations to help you every day:

    I can relax affirmations

    I can sleep well affirmations

    Positive affirmations

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