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    Hypnotic Audio

    Creating Opportunities

    Creating Opportunities

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    A Hypnotic Audio will give you a lens to spot new opportunities from no where



    The word “opportunity” comes from the Latin phrase "Ob portum veniens," which means favorable wind blows the ships into the harbor. Now imagine a promising force driving opportunity your way. Regardless of past experiences or resistance you may face, opportunities are everywhere around you. But you must be able to identify them. Sometimes, they may present themselves negatively, but in reality, they are chances to succeed in disguise.

    Why you'll love it

    This audio is unique because it helps you develop a lens to spot them out of nowhere. Opportunities will never pass you when you are open to what's
    possible. You'll possess your radar to detect and make the most of real chances. Attracting opportunities is a process that requires trust, persistence, and dedication. Stay focused on your goals, trust yourself, and take action toward your dreams. What's yours is here to stay.

    How it Works

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    We recommend setting aside approximately 30 minutes daily to go through the videos, audios, and program tasks, ensuring you get the most out of your journey.

    Remember never to listen to hypnotic audios while driving!

    What’s Included

    Our Creating Opportunities Course induces deep relaxation, opening your mind to positive suggestions.

    This hypnotherapy audio guides you into a state
    of heightened awareness, where your subconscious mind accepts and embeds new, powerful, and positive beliefs to permanently change habits and behaviors. We will give you the tools and knowledge to spot new opportunities in all areas of life, focusing you on goals and learning to trust your actions.

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